5.00; Reporters Notebook- Writing

I am a writer. I’ve always enjoyed learning, reading and writing but writing has always been my personal favorite. To me the word has thousands of different meaning depending on who you are. Every person uses writing in a different way throughout their busy day. Me, well I write in journals about my life, write essays for school, and even write my name all over paper when I am bored. Writing is an essential part of our daily lives and it means a lot to me because without writing, I would have no way to let my feelings out. It is a stress reliever. It is not at all impossible to write impartially, its just more work because instead of using opinion you must use facts and research. Having credible writers and news stories is more important than you think because without the truth, we will learn lies and base our own opinions around something that isn’t true. People sometimes have the urge to not write truthfully because they want to put there own opinion out there, but it is important not too because otherwise people might believe things that aren’t based on fact. Reporters can be impartial they just have to put their work before their opinion.

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